Construction of Two PVC Meeting Rooms – Erbil 42 views

Tender Title: Construction of Two PVC Meeting Room in Office Erbil
Tender No: 2020-Erbil -412
Location: Erbil
Tender Package Available from: 2021-01-10
Deadline for Offer Submission: 2021-01-15 at noon (Iraqi Time)

Tender Number: 2020-Erbil -412

Name of Tender: construction of two PVC meeting Room in office Erbil

For further information please contact: [email protected],

Tel; 0751 741 81 90 – 07827716535

The deadline for submission should not be later than

15 January,2021 promptly. Companies who do not submit their quotation by this deadline will not be considered.

Dear Sir / Madam,

Cordaid Iraq Programs is looking for suppliers to provide the items and services shown in Annex 1 at competitive price and high quality.

General Requirements

  1. Must be registered to conduct business and in compliance with federal government tax
  2. Experience supplying International Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, or large private companies will be an
  3. Cordaid retains the right to reject, cancel, negotiate, amend, split and accept any offer, without consideration of the lowest
  4. This is an invitation to vendors and is not a promise or obligation that Cordaid will contract with suppliers through the submitted
  5. Relevant bid committee may request for physical samples of some items during evaluation process of bids.
  6. Cordaid reserve the right to reject any officer or all offers as it sees suitable without the obligation of providing the vendor with reason explanation.

Payment Terms

  1. Quotation should remain valid for a period of at least Six (6) months from the submission closing date and should be indicated in the quotation
  2. Payment shall be after delivery, within 15 working days of receiving correct invoice.
  3. Payment shall be via check or bank transfer.
  4. Payment shall be made upon verification and acceptance of goods/services per contract and upon presentation of correct, itemized invoice.

Acceptance of Payment Terms

Do you accept the above payment terms?



Requested Information

The submission must include:

         Full legal address and contact details of the company

         Name of company’s owner and copy of ID.

         Copy of company registration certificate.

         Copy of Tax Registration Certificate

         Reference from previous similar business experience with reference contact information.

         Bank account information.


Bid Requirements

Offers that do not meet the following will be automatically rejected regardless of price: Offers must be received before the stated deadline.

Offers must include all information requested above.

Unit prices must be provided for all line items.

 Offers for separate tenders must be submitted separately.

 Any missing documents may cause the rejection of the entire offer.

 Offers must be clean & clear.

 The vendor should sign and stamp next to handwritten corrections or corrections made with whiteout.

 Offers must be complete, signed in a clear date and stamped on all pages.

Delivery Instructions:

Interested suppliers may submit their offers through of the following method:

  • Complete and signed offer can be delivered in sealed envelope with tender number on it Address: Ainkawa sub-district, Shlama street, House No. 240/9/654, Erbil .all offers must be submitted inside Tender box with located in Cordaid office .

For information about the address please contact: (+964(0) 750 430 18 73)( 07827716535)


Tender’s Files,

To help us with our procurement effort, please indicate in your email where ( you saw this this tender/procurement notice

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