USAID Iraq Governance and Performance Accountability Project: Electricity Management Consultant (Erbil-based) 168 views

Scope of Work

SOW Title: Electricity Management Consultant

LOE: 140 working days with a possibility for extension based on program needs

Job Location: Erbil, Iraq

(Travel possible travel to other KRI provinces.)

Job Classification: STTA (International Expatriate or CCN)

Reporting to: Service Delivery Component Team Lead

Estimated Start Date: ASAP


The purpose of the Iraq Governance Performance and Accountability (IGPA/Takamul) project is to advance effective, accountable, and transparent governance in Iraq. This USAID effort, implemented by DAI, is working with the Government of Iraq (GOI) at all levels to better respond to citizen needs by supporting reform initiatives and Iraqi change agents on inclusive governance and public-sector transparency, accountability, and economy. Reform initiatives includes support to improve service delivery functions, public financial management, and open government initiatives. IGPA/Takamul will support the GOI and the citizens of Iraq in forming partnerships and collaborative efforts to solve problems jointly. IGPA/Takamul has four (4) objectives:

  1. Enhance GOI service delivery capacity
  2. Improve public financial management
  3. Strengthen monitoring and oversight of service delivery and public expenditure
  4. Support Iraqi change agents (cross-cutting objective)


The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Ministry of Electricity (MOE) manages the public power production, transformation, and distribution of electricity across the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) provinces, towns, industrial areas, and residences. As part of its mandate, the MOE also manages the private investment production with full responsibilities in distribution, revenue collection, and planning new projects.

The main purpose of this scope of work (SOW) is to build the technical capacity of MOE staff to better perform their duties and enable the streamlined delivery of this critical service to the residents of KRI. The consultant will directly implement capacity development activities where appropriate, and similarly provide technical assistance to vendors and oversee the implementation of vendors where appropriate.

Key Tasks and responsibilities

The main activities of the Electricity Management Consultant include:

  • Develop a comprehensive assessment of the current situation of electricity services in KRI, including the key gaps in the institutional and capacity of the relevant entities responsible for the delivery of these services within KRG. This will be done through the review of available material, interviews with the relevant government entities and through sessions with the relevant stakeholders to identify the main gaps and hence to priorities that need to improve the service of electricity in KRI.
  • Evaluate electricity organizations, functionality, systems, products, components, and applications used in the KRG through research and analysis, to determine the existing gaps and recommend appropriate action plan to improve the process of electricity delivery.
  • Assist the IGPA/Takamul Service Delivery Team in developing requests for proposals (RFPs), evaluating proposals, and monitoring vendor progress.
  • Manage implementation of contracts and vendors performance according to international standards.
  • Identify key stakeholders, experts, champions and organizations in the KRG electricity sector, including the various ministries and departments, donors, the private sector, NGOs, and research institutes/researchers.
  • Support the IGPA/Takamul Service Delivery Team in maintaining the quality of the work in improving the electricity services within KRG.
  • Provide technical support on the planning, implementation, and training of MOE staff and/or monitoring & evaluating vendors’ planning, implementation and training of MOE staff.
  • Provide internal electricity related consultation.
  • Provide progress plan report for each MOE activity on a weekly bases to the IGPA/Takamul project team.
  • Attend planning and coordination meetings with the MOE and related stakeholders in KRI including but not limited to other international, local agencies and government entities.

II. Specific Tasks of the Consultant

The Consultant responsibilities includes managing the vendors’ implementation of the activities below with the possibility for direct implementation if a qualified vendor is not identified.

1. Design organizational structure and job description according to international standards, by adopting organization design and analysis tools. Vendor will perform the following tasks:

  • Meet with the MOE team to present the activity and identify pilot areas to design and implement the new model
  • Develop as-is assessment of the selected organization
  • Analyze the selected organizations and the design of the new model, including team level job description
  • Recommend best practices to implement the new model
  • Ensure team development and training on the new model is achieved
  • Support the implementation of the new model

2. Enhance technical skills of MOE-KRG staff:

  • Meet the directorates of MOE-KRG (Planning, Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Smart Meters Division)
  • Supervise the following vendor trainings for MOE staff:
    • For Transmission Directorate staff:
    • Dynamic part of Power System Simulation Engineering (PSSE) on a model developed for KRG network
    • Electrical Power Analysis Software (ETAP)
    • Fluke and e-Berle Harmonics Testers
    • Advanced Systems for Power Engineering (ASPEN)
    • Geographic Information System (GIS) on gridding plus transmission mapping
    • Power Line Software (PLS-CADD)
  • For Distribution Directorate staff:
    • Testing and soft calibration of electronic meters
    • Distribution Equipment
    • Cable Joints 11, 33 KV
    • Earthing Systems
    • Installation of underground cables 11, 33 KV

3. Re-engineering of the process concerning the new subscription to electricity service as well the process of receiving and responding to failure calls or complains from citizens with related procedures and actions.

  • Meetings with the general directors of distribution in MOE and local governorates
  • A rrange workshops with the concerned staff of general directorates design AS-IS Model
  • A rrange a workshop with the staff of general directorate of distribution to analyze the actual model and develop it or replace it by a new process as TO-BE model to decrease the process time and cost
  • C onduct meetings with the general directorate of electricity distribution to approve the new models and start the implementation on the ground. Technically support the staff of general directorate of distribution at all the steps of implementation.
  • Evaluate the processes periodically and prepare the final report

4. Assist KRG MOE – Directorate of Distribution to update Actual Specifications Criteria and adopt standardization concerning Transformers & Related Accessories, CB, Cables according to Iraq atmosphere.

  • The USAID-funded IGPA/Takamul will support the MOE to review, analyze and develop actual specifications of distribution equipment according to Iraq atmosphere for better performance. To perform this activity, the USAID-funded IGPA/Takamul shall undertake the following steps:
    • Initiate meeting with management staff of MOE-KRG:
    • Assign Product Design Expert.
    • Develop startup plan and road map
    • Assess, analyze, update, modify or design new product specification
    • After completion of the latest version of specifications, to review the details with MOE-KRG and submit it for final approval of the government.
    • Closely monitor the progress performed by Products Design Expert and
      evaluate the process throughout the implementation

5. Provide training on KRG Standard Bidding Documents, Update and develop the contracts and terms of governing IPP’s, Develop Actual Drafts or Design New Versions to control IPP’s and Grid connection for Optimum Integration in electricity Generation sector.

The USAID-funded IGPA/Takamul will support the MOE -KRG to review, analyze and develop the Agreement and Contract terms concerning IPP’s and Grid connection including standard PPA (Purchase Power Agreement). To perform this activity, the USAID-funded IGPA/Takamul will undertake the following steps:

Consultant to identify the target group, plan and oversee the SBD training by project SBD staff:

  • Provide training on KRG Standard Bidding Documents for MOE contracting staff
  • Develop startup plan and road map
  • Analyze current framework and design of the new framework
  • Implement and evaluate the new framework

6. Support the Ministry of Electricity in KRG to implement a Public Awareness Campaign to increase customers’ awareness on smart meter system functionality.

To improve communication between the MOE and its current and potential customers, IGPA/Takamul shall support the MOE directorates by conducting two awareness campaigns. The content of campaign shall focus on expectations from the new smart meter system that MOE is planning to implement in 2019. Consultant to work with the IGPA/Takamul Oversight and Accountability team to ensure awareness campaign is designed and implemented towards the goal of this activity. Specific tasks include:

  • Support Establishing the Communication and Outreach Technical Working Group (TWG) including officials and CSOs
  • Develop Communication and Outreach awareness material and communication messages
  • Implement Public awareness campaigns on new Smart Meter System functionality

7. Conduct a cost recovery analysis of electricity supply services in the KRG.

Consultant to work with the project Public Financial Management team to ensure resources and data are available to perform the work – the consultant to oversee the implementation of the following tasks and report the findings.

  • Develop data collection forms and templates. Developing simple, Excel-based data collection forms to document all fixed and variables expenses from January 2017 to date, on an accrual basis.
  • Collect all operational costs related to electricity supply services on accrual basis supply operations from 2017 to date, on an accrual basis.
  • Collect data about overall revenues and fee collection against electricity services.
  • Calculate cost recovery ratios for 2017 and 2018. This calculation will help the KRG to optimize the available financial resources and provide the electricity directorate with the right tools to justify budget requests to sustain its operations and infrastructure by including. This task will also improve annual financial reporting to the ministry of finance and allow the electricity directorate and the Ministry of Finance to estimate the financial performance of the electricity sector better and take actions accordingly.
  • Provide technical assistance to the electricity directorate to analyze results and define next steps

8. Support “Emerging Leaders” to transfer knowledge and replicate successful, high impact activities:

Consultant to work with “Change Agent” team to ensure institutional changes are sustainable.

One of the USAID-funded IGPA/Takamul objectives is to identify and support Iraqi officials prioritizing reform, the improvement of service delivery, public financial management and acting as Emerging Leaders (change agents).

The USAID-funded IGPA/Takamul will undertake the following tasks:

8.1. Meet with the KRG Ministry of Electricity and directorates to present the concept of change agent and develop an action plan. The meeting will also discuss the possibility of creating a partnership between the KRG Ministry of Electricity and directorates. The objective of such collaboration would be to share results from KRG and support another province to replicate this work through knowledge transfer.

8.2 Facilitate meetings and exchange between governorates and the KRG Ministry of Electricity and directorates. The purpose of this will be to learn about the ongoing activity, work progress, and expected results. These meetings will allow peers to exchange experiences and learn about specific challenges and solutions (and failures).

IV. Required Qualification

  • Master’s degree in Electricity Management, Energy Management, or related field. PhD is preferable.
  • Minimum 10 years of relevant experience in developing efficient organizational structures,.
  • History of successful project management experience, PMP certification is a plus
  • Proven strong analytical and written presentation skills in English
  • Proven history of managing projects in electricity sector with technical aspects in restructuring, efficient usage of resources, and technical training.
  • Ability to work with government procedures and expertise in process simplifications.
  • Ability to provide quality assurance review of trainings developed
  • Ability to provide on the job training for governmental staff
  • Excellent writing and communication skills with persuasion abilities
  • Certification in SCADA is a plus.

V. General Statement.

The Electricity Management Consultant work location is Erbil, imbedded to the KRG-MOE. Under this SoW, the IGPA/Takamul project will be responsible to cover all other indirect implementation costs including air and ground transportation, lodging, per-diem, and phone communications.

To Apply:

  • To apply please follow this link
  • To help us track our recruitment effort, please specify (on the application form and cover letter where  ( you saw this posting.
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