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The United Nations Industrial Development Organization is implementing a project in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) that aims to contribute to the economic resilience of the Syrian refugees, IDPs and host communities with particular attention to the youth and women. The project will provide entrepreneurship and agri-processing training, and support to establish and/or scale up agri-businesses to provide improved employment and livelihood opportunities. The intervention will develop productive and human capacities as well as develop the agri-business sector in the target areas that will enhance productivity and development contributing towards inclusive and sustainable industrial development in the region.

To help address the youth bulge challenge in the Region, the project will also work with the Ministry of Education to introduce in Duhok Governorate, the Entrepreneurship Curriculum Program (ECP) in the secondary vocational schools on a pilot basis. UNIDO and the Ministry of Education successfully pilot tested the ECP curricula in 10 secondary vocational schools in Erbil in the school year 2018-2019.

The purpose of this procurement is to purchase laptops and LCD projectors for use by the secondary vocational schools in Duhok in teaching the entrepreneurship curriculum.


  1. Computer Laptops
  2. LCD Projector
  3. Spare Lamps for the LCD projector
  4. Transport Costs

Company Bank Account: The company must be duly registered in Iraq and must have a Company Bank Account. If it does not have a Company Bank Account, the company owner’s bank account can be used provided that the company registration or any legal document shows the name of the owner of the company. Vendor should fill in the attached UNIDO BANK INFORMATION SHEET (Annex C).

Service Center: the company must have an agent or service center in Kurdistan that can provide after sales service such as maintenance and supply of consumables. Please state the name of the agent/service center, the address, mobile and email.

Brand and Model Number: Please put the full specifications of the equipment that you are offering indicating also the BRAND and MODEL NUMBER you are offering. If you have, please send brochure with the full specifications.


The bidder shall upload in UNIDO’S eProcurement portal both electronic and pdf versions of all duly completed, date – the stamped and signed documents composing his quotation All signatures shall be effected by a duly authorized representative of the bidder.

Other information/documentation requested in this RFQ or which the bidder deems relevant for submission may be uploaded as an attachment to his quotation in UNIDO’s eProcurement portal.

The bidder must upload in UNIDO’S e Procurement portal his proposed price(s) and/or fee(s) in the relevant price fields which have been designated for this RFQ Dependent on the RFQ, a separate price schedule or cost-breakdown template may be provided in the portal by UNIDO for completion by bidders.

All price(s) and fee(s) shall be quoted in USD .

Deadline on:20-Sep-2020 17:00 (GMT 1.00) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, Casablanca

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