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RFP-221-20R Media Production for a Nationwide Soci

The Social Cohesion Programme is a five-year initiative launched in 2020 to improve the enabling environment for peace and social cohesion in all areas of Iraq. Many entrenched sectarian and social divisions have followed the war against ISIL in Iraq and are further impacted by recent anti-government political demonstrations. Historical grievances also exist, which must be stemmed by raising awareness about the impact of violence, giving voice to grievances, and facilitating opportunities for citizens to dialogue and restore trust with each other.

The programme’s activities aim to facilitate locally driven solutions and support the integration of conflict sensitivity and social cohesion into Iraq’s governance, stabilization, and development agendas. The Media and Advocacy component of the programme seeks to promote social cohesion through use of social media platforms, nation-wide competitions, web stories, and through radio and television broadcasts. Effective development of communication products and use of digital and audio channels to encourage social cohesion and engagement with UNDP in Iraq will increase the impact and reach of the Social Cohesion Programme. Gender sensitivity must be incorporated into all advocacy, as women often play an important role in addressing conflict. In addition to media products on social cohesion in general, some communication will be related to the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic, including encouragement of social cohesion during times of government-mandated physical distancing. It is important that the products be developed by Iraqis and for Iraqis, with guidance by UNDP Iraq.

Opportunity structure

Project Goal: The main goal of the creation and broadcast of communication products is to build understanding and awareness for all Iraqis regarding the concept of social cohesion and the work UNDP’s Social Cohesion Programme is undertaking.

Scope of Work and Expected Outputs:


  • 20 Audio/Visual Products
  • 03 Web Series
  • 05 products related to COVID-19 and social cohesion
  • 15 products related to social cohesion in Iraq
  • 03 web series on topics of: female empowerment, role of family and elders in Iraq, and social cohesion in a digital landscape

A. 05 Original short videos for social media and Youtube Description: Videos are under 03 minutes each.

B. 02 Advertisements for television to be broadcast in Iraq Description: Advertisement is under 03 minutes each.

C. 05 Radio messages Description: Messages are under 05 minutes each.

D. 08 Visual products for social media and web use Description: Infographics and graphics.

E. Airtime on 03 radio stations and 02 Iraqi television stations

F. 03 Web series Description: Each web series will include two written articles and one short video of interviews. Topics: female empowerment, the role of family and elders in Iraq, and social cohesion in a digital landscape.

All reports and documents provided to UNDP Iraq during the project implementation will be in Arabic and English, to facilitate review and feedback by UNDP Iraq.

Payment on deliverables will only be made when reports, documents and manuals produced by the implementing partner have been reviewed and endorsed by UNDP Iraq as having met the required standard.

Institutional Arrangement

The Contractor will have the responsibility of managing the project in accordance with the indicated above scope of work. The Social Cohesion Programme will bear the responsibility of supervising the implementation process of the project in a way that ensures a high level of efficiency and professionalism. The Contractor has to cooperate with the Local Authorities in terms of getting the required support and approvals on the implementation process of the project activities.

The contracted Contractor may also work in more than one city. However, it may also remain sufficiently flexible to work in a consortium with other ones depending on the initial assessment of UNDP to the capacity of the contracted Contractor comparing to the number of areas targeted.

Further arrangements regarding contract and delivery modalities will be agreed upon between the Social Cohesion Team and the contracted Contractor, prior to signing the contract.

Duration of the Work

In reference to what is mentioned above, all the indicated activities have to be completed within six months, starting from the date of signing the contract. The initiation of implementation has to be no later than one week after signing the contract. The contracted Contractor will be responsible for any delay occurred on his side and has to compensate it through adopting additional procedures to cover the delay.

Location of Work

The main duty station is Baghdad. The production should be targeting all Iraq and if we need to have something on LPCs it will be in specific governorates.

Competitive scope

Qualifications of the Successful Service Provider at Various Levels

Institutional Profile of Bidding Institutions/Entity

  • National Iraqi and/or International Non-Governmental Organization(s) specialized in communication and awareness campaigns are invited to make a proposal for this contract.
  • The profile of the selected entity should meet the following requirements:
  • Having at least three years of experience related to production, strategic communication and media relations.
  • Having the official registration to operate in Iraq and demonstrating the capacity to operate there.
  • Having the required in-house expertise on handling a variety of awareness campaigns and broadcast messages.
  • Experience undertaking similar projects and assignments in Iraq.
  • Previous expertise with the UN system in Iraq is an advantage.
  • Proven capacity to produce outputs in English and Arabic languages.

Project Personnel Profile

  • The bidding institution should provide Curriculum Vitaes of its team.
  • The CVs have to pinpoint relevant past experience, highlight comparative advantages, and have to be in the English Language.

Special Requirements

Taken into consideration the security situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is highly recommended that the bidding institution ensure filming requirements are feasible while complying with the government-mandated curfew.

DEADLINE: 28 September 2020

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